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Vanguard Charitable is a leading U.S. nonprofit organization that fulfills its mission to increase philanthropy by administering a donor-advised fund—a tax-effective way to consolidate, accrue, and grant assets to charity. Since it was founded in 1997, Vanguard Charitable has granted more than $6.7 billion to charity on behalf of its donors.

5 Best Practices for Philanthropists

June 29, 2017

Your clients look to you for guidance and advice when crafting long-term financial plans. Understanding your clients’ charitable interests and passions can provide a unique opportunity for you to expand your relationship and help create a long-term strategic plan that also impacts their favorite charitable causes. For additional insights on guiding your clients through the development of their charitable plan, Vanguard Charitable has gathered five best practices for philanthropists, drawing on years of experience working with donors and charities.

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