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Thornburg was founded in 1982 by Garrett Thornburg. In 1984, we launched our first investment strategy, a laddered bond portfolio, and since then, we have organically grown our investment solutions to include a wide array of global equity, fixed income and alternative strategies. We are privately owned, headquartered in Santa Fe, New Mexico, and employ about 240 professionals.

Top Ten Reasons Emerging Markets Poised to Rally in 2020

February 13, 2020

After false starts in the last few years, we believe emerging markets are set to deliver strong performance in the year to come.

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Thornburg’s 2020 Outlook

January 14, 2020

Risk assets begin 2020 at lofty price levels. Are stocks fully valued, or rather a relative value versus global bonds?

Read a conversation with Thornburg Chief Investment Strategist Brian McMahon who surveys the unfolding investment landscape.

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Rising LNG Tide Changes How It’s Priced and Traded

November 07, 2019

Supply and demand growth in liquefied gas benefits some producers more than others. For investors in U.S. upstream gas producers and Gulf Coast LNG infrastructure, caveat emptor.

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Brazil’s Flight of the Chicken

September 12, 2019

The market has bid up Brazilian assets in anticipation of economic reforms, but the optimism should be well measured and individual securities well picked.

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The Offense and Defense of Disciplined Portfolio Balance

August 14, 2019

“There’s no free lunch” is an axiom often heard in both investing and economics. But what if there’s a way to limit the pain of market downdrafts and still gain from the rebounds? Can disciplined security selection, sound portfolio construction and calibrated rebalancing, as position size and market dynamics evolve, improve the odds for risk-adjusted outperformance, if not necessarily bagging something for nothing?

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Dividend Investing in a Low Rate Environment

July 02, 2019

For yield-seeking investors, dividend-paying stocks may present a compelling risk-adjusted return opportunity over bonds.

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The Fed’s Dueling Mandates

June 05, 2019

The Fed is tasked with keeping prices stable, unemployment low and long-term interest rates moderate. The monetary alchemy with such unstable elements is coming under review.

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Unlocking Relative Value: Optimizing Team Structure for Multisector Fixed Income Investing

June 01, 2019

Given the rise of passive strategies in both equity and fixed income markets, today’s investors often hold actively managed strategies to a higher standard of performance than they have in the past. The failure of some “core bond” strategies to meet investor expectations has prompted them to search for alternative solutions.

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Emerging Market Stocks Still Have Room to Run

May 01, 2019

Despite sprinting higher so far this year, developing country equities appear well positioned to sustain their momentum, and with less volatility.

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