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Historic Pattern of Mid-Cap Outperformance

April 16, 2021

Are Mid Caps More Resilient in Times of Crisis?

Learn how mid-caps managed to outperform both large and small-cap stocks during the last three systemic crises in our latest whitepaper.

Download our whitepaper to explore:

  • Performance of various equity exposures during past crises
  • Risk/return metrics for broad-market and style exposures
  • Qualities that may help companies rebound

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2021 ETF Market Outlook: The Way Forward

January 01, 2021

After a year that offered the best of times and the worst of times, how might COVID-19 vaccines, a new administration and more global cooperation support a healthy rebound in 2021? Download our 2021 Market Outlook to get 3 strategies for the way forward.

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Everything You Need to Know: Fixed Income ETFs

November 30, 2020

Fixed Income ETFs may help you achieve greater diversification, transparency and control. Make the most of your fixed income strategies through ETFs.

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ESG Investing: From Tipping Point to Turning Point

October 01, 2020

We believe it's time for ESG investing to become a must-have ingredient in portfolios. Put ESG investing into action by exploring 3 trends we expect will drive ESG growth and opportunity:

  • The Great Reset in a Turbulent 2020
  • Investors Reshaping the Investment Industry
  • Boomers Preparing to Transfer Wealth

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Threading the Needle: 2020 ETF Market Outlook

January 07, 2020

Get 3 portfolio strategies for the new year

Heading into 2020, there are a lot of positive signs in the market. However, the margin for error in 2020 will likely be as small as it’s been in a very long time. Read our 2020 ETF Market Outlook to find out how to:

  1. Stay invested, but limit downside risks
  2. Actively balance risk in the hunt for yield
  3. Position to temper the impact of macro volatility

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Analyzing ETF Liquidity: It’s a Fluid Process

November 01, 2019

Many investors use point-in-time statistics for the most recent 30 or 90 trading days to assess the liquidity profile of an ETF. This is a problem because — with the exception of a few highly liquid ETFs — a fund’s liquidity profile can change in different market regimes, especially in periods of high volatility. This paper explores how ETFs’ liquidity dynamics impact total cost of ownership (TCO), underscoring why investors need to look beyond a single period statistic when analyzing liquidity.

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Navigating A Downhill Climb: 2019 ETF Market Outlook

January 03, 2019

Corporate profits and economic growth remain positive, but are past their peak. Investors may soon find that reaching the summit was the easy part. The real challenges occur in the climb down. Chief Investment Strategist Michael Arone, CFA and Head of SPDR® Americas Research Matthew Bartolini, CFA present three strategies to position for a market with potentially more downside than upside.

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