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Hotchkis & Wiley is a global investment manager serving institutional and individual investors. We offer value equity strategies across the capitalization spectrum as well as expertise in high yield.

The Revival of Value Investing

January 06, 2021

Much has been made of the demise of value investing in recent years. This paper will highlight:

  • The current opportunity for value relative to growth
  • The unique opportunity within value
  • The most common counterarguments put forth by growth advocates

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Banks: Investing in an Unloved Industry

November 06, 2020

Hotchkis & Wiley explores potential catalysts for improvement in an unloved industry.

  • Poor investor sentiment in banks has created a rare valuation opportunity
  • Banks are generally well-positioned to withstand low interest rates and pandemic-related credit losses
  • Current bank valuations and capitalization levels create a compelling case for investing in this unloved industry

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