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Can Anything Beat Tech? How ‘Bout Homebuilders?

June 12, 2019

Amid the hand wringing over whether the U.S. and China are coming closer together or further apart on a trade deal, a dark horse has emerged in sector investing that seems immune to the cyclic boom and bust of this headline-driven market.

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Relative Weight Spotlight – Highlighting U.S. Outperformance

June 01, 2019

  • After bottoming in December 2018, the ratio of U.S. stocks to international stocks is re-approaching the all-time highs that they hit in November thanks to strong performance from the Russell 1000®. As illustrated below, this ratio remains considerably above its historical average. In fact, its north of two positive standard deviations of the average.

  • Specifically, U.S. shares have outperformed international shares by 3.11% year-to-date, 10.26% over the last 1 year, 4.91% annualized over the last 3 years and 7.07% annualized over the last 5 years. With increased long exposure to the U.S. and risk-controlled short exposure to international markets, the Russell 1000®/FTSE All-World ex US 150/50 Net Spread Index is up 13.77% on the year.

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Gold and Gold Miners and Mergers. Oh My.

May 01, 2019

In one of its biggest six-month moves since 2016, the price of gold has rebounded about 10 percent from a 52-week low it set back in August 2018. But the precious metal once again found itself hitting resistance in the $1350-$1360 per ounce range. It’s now been about five and a half years since gold topped out at $1,400.

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Relative Weight Spotlight – Cyclicals Dominate Defensive Sectors

April 01, 2019

While defensive sectors continue to lead cyclicals by 3.23% over the last six months, cyclicals have bounced back over the last three, outperforming defensives by 5.43%, helping bring twelve-month performance firmly in the lead for cyclicals. The market leadership via cyclical sectors highlights the fact that market participants continue to favor firms with higher betas and greater economic sensitivity than the market thanks to reduced concerns about rising rates and optimism regarding China-U.S. trade relations.

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Sector Performance During the Summer Months

June 07, 2017

An examination of how the financial, semiconductor, energy, and biotech sectors have performed in the summer months.

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