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4 Reasons to Invest Internationally

August 20, 2021

Investing overseas has long been a prudent strategy to increase diversification and alpha potential within an overall equity allocation. More recently, non-U.S. investment allocations have dwindled as the U.S. stock market has continued its ascent and investors have followed those gains. But all categories cycle eventually and irregularly, and equity markets are adept for catching investors off guard. While the list is long, we highlight four reasons investing internationally remains a sound investment strategy, and why investors should assess their equity allocations today to ensure they are properly diversified and well positioned for the next 10 years—and beyond.

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Concentrating on Success

May 12, 2021

Outperforming the market, requires looking different than the market. Actively managed, concentrated portfolios are one way to help diversify risk while adding to alpha potential and can be a welcome complement to passive allocations. At Diamond Hill, our equity strategies range from concentrated to highly concentrated—learn more about two of our highly concentrated strategies: Large Cap Concentrated and All Cap Select.

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Value Investing, Evolved

October 01, 2020

CIO Austin Hawley discusses the dramatic underperformance of value stocks relative to growth stocks over the past decade—and why a strategy focused on intrinsic value is still relevant. A shift toward a service- and knowledge-based economy focused on intangible assets, and the emergence of internet-based businesses means traditional definitions of value have become less useful. However, price remains an important factor in determining future returns.

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Small Cap Stocks: Selective Opportunity

July 14, 2020

Since 2014, mega-cap stocks have substantially outperformed small-cap stocks. However, today we sit at the widest valuation gap between small caps and large caps in nearly two decades. This doesn’t seem to be a case of simple mean reversion. Rather, there have been several fundamental factors contributing to the performance gulf between large caps and small caps over the past few years—some of which have been more structural in nature, and many of which still exist today.

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