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Credit Suisse Asset Management offers a wide range of active and passive solutions in both traditional and alternative investments. The division manages global and regional portfolios, mutual funds, and other investment vehicles for a globally diverse client base including governments, central banks, corporations, pension and endowment funds, sovereign wealth funds, family offices and private individuals.

Managed Futures: How to Diversify with Trend Following

October 26, 2016

With the Fed poised to raise rates and equities trading close to historical valuation peaks, the prospect of lower returns and higher correlations between asset classes has left many investors seeking sources of return which are not correlated to traditional stock and bond performance.

Trend following is one strategy that has the potential to profit from rising rates without depending upon positive equity market performance, however, allocating to the space does present some unique challenges. In a new whitepaper, CSAM seeks to address key implementation questions regarding allocating to trend following, including why now might be an appropriate time to invest and how to fund and size an allocation.

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