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3EDGE Asset Management is a global, multi-asset investment management firm serving institutional investors and private clients. 3EDGE strategies act as tactical diversifiers, seeking to generate consistent, long-term investment returns while managing downside risks. The investment process is driven by the firm’s proprietary model, stress-tested over 150 years of market history.

Market Euphoria: How Long Can it Last?

March 17, 2021

Signs of market euphoria are everywhere. Animal spirits are running hotter now than during the last market peak just before the coronavirus-induced lockdowns began. While this current stock market rally may continue for some time, it is not too early to identify the warning signs that may tip the onset of the next bear market. In his latest whitepaper, 3EDGE Asset Management’s President & CIO, Steve Cucchiaro, discusses how evaluating current market conditions in a historical context can add perspective and help to see the forest from the trees.

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