Target Date Funds


Challenging the Conventional Wisdom about Target Date Funds

Advisor Perspectives recently surveyed over 1,000 advisors to learn how they evaluate target-date funds. Bob Huebscher, its CEO, will present some of the key findings from that research, which showed that advisors are willing to accept a significant degree of risk in target-date allocations and have a preference for active management.

The team from Dimensional Fund Advisors will comment on those findings and present its own research on the appropriate role of target-date funds in client portfolios, and how advisors should properly assess the characteristics of those products.

In this webinar, you will learn:

  • What most advisors consider to be an appropriate risk exposure in target-date funds;
  • How to properly assess the glide path of a target-date fund;
  • How to consider target-date funds alongside existing client asset allocations; and
  • Best practices for discussing target-date funds with clients.