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Attractive Equity Investment Opportunities in a post-COVID Environment

Where are the most attractive investment opportunities in U.S. equity markets going into 2021?

In this webinar, Alan Langsner and Matt Kelley will outline underlying trends significantly impacting the U.S. equity market in 2020, including the disparity of growth versus value and the outsized contribution from the Information Technology and Communication Services sectors. In addition, Alan and Matt will discuss attractive investment opportunities that Sirios has found in 2020 and how Sirios and its 21-year history of fundamental, bottom-up, long-short investing fits into a portfolio. The webinar will cover:

  • Disparity of returns in growth versus value in the U.S. equity market this year
  • The impact of the Information Technology and Communication Services sectors on investors’ performance in 2020, and influence of other sectors on performance
  • Where has Sirios found compelling new investment opportunities?
  • How does Sirios fit into a portfolio?
  • How can skilled shorting add value to portfolios?

The presenters will be available after the presentation to answer attendees' questions live.