Mutual Funds


The Case for Replication in Alternative Asset Classes

Advisors and allocators have struggled for years with a simple question:

How can my clients get the diversification benefits of leading hedge funds, but in a mutual fund or ETF with reasonable fees and less downside risk?

In this webinar, Andrew Beer will explain how hedge fund replication is a potential solution. Hedge fund replication, broadly defined, is a strategy that seeks to match or outperform hedge fund returns with lower fees, daily liquidity and less downside risk by mimicking the core exposures and trading strategies of high cost, illiquid hedge funds. The webinar will cover key educational topics, such as

  • What are the different forms of hedge fund replication?
  • What’s worked well and what hasn’t?
  • Why do some replication-based strategies outperform actual hedge funds?
  • Why should advisors consider a hedge fund replication-based mutual fund or ETF today?

The presenters will be available after the presentation to answer attendees' questions live.