Fiduciary Rules

White Paper

The Many Uses of Advisory Annuities for Fiduciary Financial Professionals

Modern annuities are sophisticated strategies that can address the core financial-planning areas of retirement: income, tax, and legacy planning. In this paper, K. Orian Williams, JD, LL.M, CFP®, explores the many ways advisory annuities can be useful to fiduciary financial professionals within these important areas and how they can be used to enhance clients’ portfolios.

Annuities can be used to:

  • De-risk portfolios using advisory indexed annuities as a bond/fixed-income complement
  • Relocate tax-inefficient investments into mirrored tax-deferred subaccounts
  • Move clients from commissionable annuities that no longer serve their needs
  • Provide income strategies
  • Defer and potentially reduce high taxes within irrevocable trusts