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New Year, New Reasons to Diversify with Precious Metals

While the COVID-19 pandemic presented unprecedented challenges around the world in 2020, there are hopes that 2021 will see an economic recovery as businesses adjust to the new normal. With the dollar continuing to weaken and uncertainty surrounding the ultimate outcome of the fight against this virus, investors are focusing on precious metals as a potential investment solution. In this webcast, Steve Dunn, CIMA®, Head of Exchange Traded Funds, and Stan Kiang, Director of Strategic Accounts, will speak on behalf of Aberdeen Standard Investments to review the performance of Precious Metals in 2020 and provide an outlook for the new year. They will also explain why we believe precious metals are a critical component of a well-diversified investment portfolio. This webinar will discuss current events in this corner of the financial markets and layout the fundamentals underlying the need for a longer-term, strategic allocation. This webcast is eligible for Continuing Education (CE) Credit.