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Implementing a GBWM Framework with the SEI American Funds® Strategies

A true goals-based wealth management (GBWM) approach can help you control for behavioral biases — both yours and your clients’ — and deliver desired financial outcomes for your clients. Coaching clients throughout your relationship can help combat emotional decision-making and maximize the likelihood of achieving success. Join SEI and Capital Group® for this session which will:

  • Teach attendees about goals based wealth management
  • Show attendees how to implement a GBWM approach by breaking down the implementation process into its core components
  • Walk attendees through: identifying clients’ objectives, choosing alternate allocation approaches, the benefits of multiple investment styles and implementation vehicles, and personalization to help you help your clients meet their investment goals
  • Introduce the SEI American Funds® Strategies

John, J., and Chris will be available to answer your questions following the presentation.


How COVID-19 Changed the Risk-Tolerance Discussion Forever

Now more than ever, investors are looking to their advisors for reassurance and a plan for the future. And in order to create that plan, advisors MUST be able to correctly assess a client’s risk tolerance.

In addition, advisors need to be able to communicate that plan effectively and consistently, all while managing their client’s fears and concerns.

Because of this, advisors’ coaching skills are more important than ever. Helping clients understand and manage risk can be tricky, but with direct conversations, along with technology tools that help capture, access and monitor risk tolerance, new client engagement opportunities and better outcomes emerge.

Join us on this informative webcast that will provide you with best practices on engaging clients, in the ever important risk tolerance discussion.