Asset Allocation


The Modern Gold Rush - Making Sense of Today’s Precious Metal Investment Opportunities

With the COVID-19 pandemic raging on, the dollar continuing to weaken, and uncertainty surrounding the culmination of the U.S. election cycle, investors are focusing on precious metals as a potential investment solution. In this webcast, Steve Dunn, CIMA®, Head of Exchange Traded Funds, and Stan Kiang, Director of Strategic Accounts, will speak on behalf of Aberdeen Standard Investments to discuss why we believe precious metals are a critical component of a well-diversified investment portfolio. Gold and Silver prices have been surging of late, but this webinar will lay out the fundamentals underlying the need for a longer-term, strategic allocation. This webcast is eligible for Continuing Education (CE) Credit.


Limiting Risk and Growing Wealth with Fixed Income

Advisors need to help retirees and other investors limit downside risk and grow their wealth. We at Sierra share this goal, and in this webinar we will provide perspective on the challenges facing financial advisors. We will discuss how to build a well-diversified fixed income allocation that seeks to deliver the benefits of bonds, while mitigating against rising rates, defaults, bond market illiquidity and stock market volatility. We will also introduce a truly tactical, rules-based investment approach with the goals of limiting downside risk and producing returns that a conservative investor would deem satisfying.

Learning Objectives:

We will review:

  1. The Emotional Challenge – Stocks vs. Bonds
  2. Seven years of “yield fixation”
  3. The risks in fixed income allocations through three lenses:
  4. Interest rate risk
  5. Bond funds that don’t act like bond funds
  6. Does shortening duration provide rotection?