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Coinbase Listing Signals Digital Assets Maturity

Just over a decade ago, digital assets were a theoretical concept, announced to the world through an anonymous white paper. Today, Coinbase, a digital asset exchange, is trading on the Nasdaq exchange. Coinbase’s recent direct listing represents a watershed moment for the digital assets industry. Learn more about what Coinbase’s listing means for the growth of the digital assets ecosystem.


The Inflation Trade Anew

As the inflation discussion continues to gather momentum, please join guest speakers VanEck Portfolio Managers Shawn Reynolds and Roland Morris, Deputy Portfolio Manager Charles Cameron, and sector specialists Veronica Zhang from VanEck’s natural resource equity and commodity strategies.

It seems like it’s been awhile since there’s been such a strong alignment in commodities and natural resources, from tailwinds associated with the global recovery to strong fundamentals, valuations and growth prospects across industries at a company level. The VanEck team will guide you through an in-depth look at the latest trends, their implications and potential opportunities with an overview on our diverse solutions available to access this space.


How the Esports Industry Continues to Evolve

Esports has taken hold around the world as more people are turning to interactive gaming as a form of entertainment, resulting in ballooning cash prizes and front-page news coverage.


China’s Economic Growth: Stronger Exports Support Recovery

Understand where China’s economy is in its growth cycle with these two key charts.

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Investment Outlook: China First to Face Wave of Uncertainty

We are monitoring two separate coronavirus scenarios, one in China and on in the U.S., in terms of when the health impact peaks and the extent of the economic slowdown. Against this backdrop, we highlight several actionable ideas.

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Our Active Emerging Markets Solution vs. Passive Investing

In this white paper, we reflect on the relative role, advantages and disadvantages of active vs. passive investing in emerging markets.