Financial Professionals Guide to Estate Planning

Let’s face it, estate planning tends to be boring, time-consuming, and complex. And with the current estate tax exclusion, some financial professionals feel estate planning impacts fewer and fewer people. Truth be told, estate planning isn’t just for the wealthy – it impacts every client you have. This presentation and the accompanying materials are designed to provide you with fundamental knowledge of must-know estate planning concepts.


Year-End Strategies

As I am sure many of you will agree, 2020 has proven to be a particularly challenging year. Many of your clients’ lives may have changed drastically as have many laws and regulations. Transamerica’s advanced markets group is dedicated to providing you with the right strategies at the right time — helping your clients make the right decisions. In this presentation, we discuss urgent items and strategies that clients need to complete before the year comes to a close.

What you will learn on this webinar:
• urgent conversations to have with your clients before the end of the year
• specific sales opportunities these strategies create
• an overview of the Transamerica collateral that can help you communicate and discuss these strategies with your clients

White Paper


Behavioral factors can significantly impact a client’s financial wellness. This executive brief focuses on four — Future Concept, Impulsiveness, Materialism and Financial Literacyto provide insights into identifying and addressing each factor during financial coaching, which financial professionals can use to create the optimal plan for each client.


Behavioral Finance: The Power of Behavior to Build Wealth + Health

From the sage investor to the novice with little to no experience, humans are inherently emotional and often irrational when it comes to money decisions. This year alone, we’ve already seen how a global pandemic, unstable markets, and a sensationalized news cycle can influence investor behavior. This begs the question: How can financial professionals help keep their clients on track through uncertainty? This presentation will cover:

  • How investor behavior impacts long-term financial security
  • Why behavioral finance insights are more important now than ever
  • How to save investors from the fallouts of emotional investing
  • And cover effective tools and strategies to help clients weather the storm