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How to Prospect Your Network (Without Being Salesy)

Your social network may be an untapped and robust source for uncovering prospects. While you may be suffering from COVID-19 fatigue, we believe prospecting and having introductory conversations about the services you provide could be one of the best uses of your time.


Open Season: Capital Gains

It’s open season on capital gains. Four ways advisors can help clients navigate potential unpleasant taxable distributions.


Regardless of the Election Outcome, Expect Limited U.S. Policy Changes in 2021

With the COVID-19 crisis far from over, we expect increased policy stability in the U.S. next year, no matter who wins in November.


The Perils of Passive Investing Amid a Highly Concentrated S&P 500

Five companies now comprise 26% of the market capitalization of the S&P 500® Index, making for the most concentrated U.S. equity market in the last 40 years. What are the potential dangers of this for investors?


How Climate Change Can Impact Investments

With multiple future scenarios as to how climate change may play out, there are also multiple potential consequences in store for investments. This post takes a detailed look at climate-change risk management.


Is the U.S. Stock Market Looking Through the Recession? History Has the Answers

The U.S. stock market seems to be looking through this economic catastrophe. For the five months and one week since the start of the recession—March through August 7, 2020—the U.S. stock market, as measured by the S&P 500, has returned +14.3%.


3 Big Challenges for Emerging Markets Amid COVID-19

Emerging markets are confronting a slew of short-term challenges caused by the coronavirus pandemic. Is there hope for a turnaround on the horizon?


Currencies Likely to Reflect Countries' Pandemic Strategy Success

We believe that the Norwegian krone and the New Zealand dollar stand to benefit from how their governments have handled the coronavirus, whereas the appeal of the U.S. dollar may wane due to high infection rates.


No Voting Rights? Engagement Still Matters in Fixed Income

We explore the increased use of engagement terminology by fixed income market practitioners as a part of their ESG integration efforts.


Environment, Social and Governance Risks Are Financial Risks

Ultimately, we believe that investors who are unaware of ESG and do not integrate ESG into their investment processes may be exposing themselves to additional, unnecessary and possibly unrewarded risks.


Does the U.S. Presidential Election Pose a Risk to Markets?

With less than four months to go until Americans cast their votes for president, we’ve fielded an increase in questions from clients as to whether the U.S. presidential election poses a risk to markets and the economy. The short answer is yes.


YOU Are the Guru, Guide and Gladiator to Your Clients

Imagine telling clients you’re their guru, guide and gladiator. Learn a simple framework to help articulate your distinctive value.


B is for behavioral mistakes: How much value comes from prevention?

This is the second in a series of posts focusing on the formula of advisor value. In this post, we tackle the behavioral mistakes that investors typically make. Addressing the investment behavior of your clients may be the greatest value you provide.


What Is Today's Opportunity in Small Cap Stocks?

The case for considering tactical and long-term allocations to small cap stocks.


2020 Global Market Outlook – Q3 Update: The Great Reopening

Markets have rallied on hopes for an economic recovery as coronavirus-imposed lockdowns are eased across the globe. The rebound has been helped by oversold investor sentiment, but with sentiment back to neutral, so too is our strategists’ market outlook.