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The 4 A’s of Preparing for Capital Gains Season

Tax proposals and changes to the tax code are a near daily story right now.


C Is For A Customized Client Experience: Looking At The Holistic Planning Services Advisors Now Provide

If there is one experience common to us all during the global pandemic, it is that the spread of COVID-19 around the world caused everyone—young or old, rich or poor, male or female—to reassess our priorities.


Climate Change Risk Metrics: The Rising Tide

The industry is now seeing an expansion in data-driven practices, with new ESG and climate datasets emerging and becoming mainstream.


The Wave Of Female Wealth Is Here: Why Your Practice Should Never Underestimate The Power Of A Woman

As a woman who has worked in the financial services industry for 23 years, I’m keenly aware of the central role we play in money decisions.


What’s Next for Municipal Bonds After a Strong First Half of the Year?

As summer hits its stride, here are some musings about municipal bond performance to mull over as you unwind at the beach or on the couch (no judging!).


What the Pandemic Has Taught Me

Everything changed for me, my family and everyone I know on a Friday the 13th.


2021 Global Market Outlook – Q3 update: The song remains the same

The global economic reopening remains on track as COVID-19 vaccination rates climb.


Is today’s bull market sustainable?

U.S. and global equity markets are up 92% and 81%, respectively, from their March 23, 2020, lows through May 31, 2021.


Real World Overlay Solutions in Challenging Times

With only a few brief downturns in an otherwise upward trend in the U.S. equity market since the Global Financial Crisis, declining interest rates have pulled forward the net present value of distant earnings and propelled growth stocks (and the market as a whole) higher.


Building your advisory business, Part 3: Creating a system for success

Something that I am asked by advisors over and over again is what ideas have you heard?

White Paper

Russell Investments: 2021 Value of an Advisor Study

Find out what happens to advisor value when tax-smart planning and investing are offered to clients. In this year of historic government stimulus packages, it seems likely that taxes are only going up as we emerge from the global pandemic.

Discover how an active tax-managed investing approach can potentially provide significant value to your clients. Don’t miss out on this way to further sharpen your value with clients. How do you compare? Get the study.


Caught off guard: Why the Fed meeting minutes surprised markets

On the latest edition of Market Week in Review, Director of Investment Strategies Shailesh Kshatriya and Head of Portfolio & Business Consulting Sophie Antal Gilbert discussed the meeting minutes from the U.S. Federal Reserve (the Fed), the latest inflation data and the recent volatility in cryptocurrency markets.


Why U.S. Rates Are Only Likely To Rise Modestly In 2021

Effective vaccines, historic fiscal stimulus, Democratic Party control of the legislature, even more stimulus, reopening economies, 6% U.S. real GDP (gross domestic product) growth, 25% U.S. EPS (earnings per share) growth, and maybe even an infrastructure plan sprinkled on top.


Growth vs. value: Preparing for the big one

It’s coming. Is it here? Perhaps. Or maybe not. But sooner or later, it is coming. Preparing now for the eventuality seems the most prudent course.


In the Face of 2021 Tax-Rate Uncertainty, Tax Planning Matters Even More

Investors and planners desire clarity around tax rates to help make informed decisions around investment moves and related impacts to portfolios.