Will 2021 Mark the Launch of a Durable Global Recovery?

After a difficult winter, we expect the global economy to rebound strongly next year. But structural headwinds remain. Will the post-pandemic bounce trigger a durable and broad-based global reflation?


Vaccine Hopes Shouldn’t Drive Healthcare Investing Strategies

Healthcare stocks are once again in focus as a result of promising news of COVID-19 vaccines. But investors shouldn’t hunt for the pandemic’s panacea. Focusing on business fundamentals is a much better way to find healthcare stocks with long-term potential than searching for the next big drug.


Will US-China Relations Shift Under Biden? China Seems to Think So

Global investors have been watching US President-Elect Joe Biden closely for clues as to how his administration intends to conduct relations with China.


The Growing Case for Broader Investment Beyond Domestic Equities

Despite lingering uncertainty about corporate earnings growth and economies around the world, global stocks have rebounded from the COVID-19-driven downfall in March. But even following that bounce back, international stocks have lagged their US counterpoints for over the last decade. Could they be reaching an important inflection point? If so, how are astute investors casting a broader net to pinpoint the right companies outside the US?

Join us to hear from an interactive panel of investment experts from AllianceBernstein, who will cover:

  • Key catalysts that could signal improved performance outside the US
  • The benefits of going abroad, including less-crowded trades, lower valuations, and sourcing different alpha
  • Why consider a high-conviction approach for international stock selection
  • How benchmark-agnostic strategies can help identify forward-looking thematic opportunities

Crisis Dashboard: Big Data Helps Paint the Big Picture (November Update)

As investors look for signs of a return to normalcy from the coronavirus crisis, they have a dizzying array of indicators to choose from. We’ve assembled a group of signals, with the help of big data, that may point the way.


Elections? Vaccines? What They Could Mean for the US Economy

Two recent developments could have big implications for the US economic outlook: general elections and news of very promising progress on a COVID-19 vaccine. To understand the ramifications, we have to distinguish near term from longer term.


Municipal Bonds: The State of the States

States face revenue shortfalls from COVID-19 costs and shutdowns. We look under the hood to assess how some of the most indebted states are faring.


Intangible Assets Provide Tangible Defenses for Equities

Defensive equities are usually found in sectors that have withstood market shocks, such as utilities and real estate. But as COVID-19 shakes up investment conventions, companies with intangible assets are being more appreciated for their volatility cushion.


Is There Light at the End of the COVID-19 Tunnel for the Euro Area?

A fresh round of lockdowns means a difficult winter lies ahead for the euro area. But three factors caution against excessive pessimism.


Capital Markets Outlook: 4Q:2020

The roller-coaster ride of 2020 still has a few twists and turns to navigate. But the massive policy response to the COVID-19 pandemic brought a quick, though incomplete, recovery. With volatility expected to continue, where can investors look for opportunities?


2020 US Election: Inside the Candidates’ Retirement-Savings Policies

There have been plenty of headlines exploring what the November US elections might mean for the economy and markets. But it’s just as important to look at what they might have in store for defined contribution (DC) and other retirement vehicles, which more Americans than ever rely on.


Advice for Advisors: Why an Ounce of Prevention Is Worth 300,000,000 Doses of Cure

Why is it hard to get clients to take preventative action to protect themselves from real and measurable risks?


Japan After Abe: Continuity and Change

As Prime Minister Suga begins his administration, the message is one of continuity, but Abenomics may need a reboot after COVID-19. We examine what Suganomics may mean for Japan.


Emerging-Market Debt: Opportunity in a Volatile Environment

Emerging-market debt has rebounded sharply off March lows, but attractive yields and compelling opportunities persist. We provide a roadmap for what may lie ahead.


Do US Elections Matter for Equity Investors?

Even if this US election has a bigger impact on markets than in the past, we would advise against building an investing strategy based on a potential political outcome for several reasons.