Spotlight Pandora: Charming the World with Jewelry Innovations

Known globally for its charm bracelets, Pandora is the world’s largest jewelry brand. Founded in 1982 by a Danish goldsmith and his wife, the firm got its start importing products from Thailand to sell in their small Copenhagen shop. By 1989, they were manufacturing their own designs, and in 2000 launched the charm bracelet concept that would lead to Pandora’s international expansion. Today the firm’s “affordable luxury” jewelry is available in more than 100 countries at price points from $35 to $1,500 with most designs coming in under $100.

Pandora bracelet charms, credit: Pandora

This Knowledge Leader considers the Pandora brand to be its core intangible asset and the ability to adapt to change key to the brand’s continued leadership. To that end, last month Pandora announced plans to phase out mined diamonds in favor of its new innovation, lab-created gems. Expected to be available next year for a starting price around $350, Pandora says its lab gems are identical to mined diamonds in optical, chemical, thermal and physical characteristics but grown in a laboratory rather than excavated from a mine. The new diamond alternatives are manufactured via a carbon neutral process in accordance with human rights and labor standards.