Wealth Transfer Under the Biden Tax Plan

President Joe Biden is proposing to eliminate “stepped-up basis” on property transferred at death. Under his plan, unrealized appreciation would be subject to capital gains tax at the time an asset is transferred by gift or bequest. This change, which reverses a century of tax law, would have far-reaching ramifications for investors.

Our new white paper, Wealth Transfer Under the Biden Tax Plan, considers the implications of a repeal of stepped-up basis, as well as other changes Congress might make to the gift and estate tax regime. The paper also sets out potential planning strategies for investors to consider to blunt the effects of the new rules. You may access the white paper here.

We are eager to share with audiences our analysis of the full Biden tax plan, including our view of what can and will get done legislatively. We encourage you to contact us about a virtual or live event for your financial advisors and clients. You may schedule a presentation here.

Andy Friedman
Jeff Bush

Andrew H. Friedman is the founder and principal of The Washington Update LLC and a former senior partner in a Washington, D.C. law firm. He and his colleague Jeff Bush speak regularly on legislative and regulatory developments and trends affecting investment, insurance, and retirement products. They may be reached at TheWashingtonUpdate.com.

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