Shedding Light on the Housing Supply "Shortage"

We are sending this out one day early because we planned ahead for the last 6 weeks to shut off our laptops for 4 days to give our team a much deserved break.

True statements can lead to misleading conclusions, especially in a busy world full of sound bites and analysis limited to 280 characters. Thank you to one of our clients for several long exchanges that pushed me to clarify our thinking on numerous issues.

To help you continue making decisions with great clarity, here is our version of what is true and not true on four hot topics:

  1. Home supply shortages
  2. Owning vs. renting
  3. Urban vs. suburban
  4. Housing Cycle Risk


In a nutshell, supply is short because DEMAND is huge. This is a demand-driven housing boom, which is contrary to the housing shortage theories being propagated by those who have an incentive to make others think there is no risk to investing in housing today.