Spotlight DeNA: Embracing the User’s Point of View

Pronounced “D-N-A,” this Knowledge Leader was founded in 1999 by three Tokyo entrepreneurs seeking to establish an online auction site. Today the company operates a broad range of mobile and online services including online shopping, mobile auctions, social networks and game platforms. DeNA attributes the success of its online properties to a culture of constantly embracing new challenges.

After “Bidders,” its original auction site, became a success, the firm followed up by launching a social network in 2006, that since has become one of Japan’s largest mobile websites. In 2009, it launched the genre-defining mobile game hit, “Kaito Royale,” and now also has a popular sports following. The company describes two values as instrumental to its growth. First, an emphasis on the user’s point of view, and second, a willingness to depart from the status quo.

In the future, DeNA plans to expand into the health care and automotive markets and sees artificial intelligence at a key tool in enabling its growth in new ventures. The company also is an advocate of diversity, work-life balance and education. In 2016, DeNA created the new office of the Chief Health Officer, aimed at supporting the physical and mental health of its employees. The firm is a founding member of the Shibuya Wellness City Consortium, a business cooperative working to bring healthy food and lifestyle options to the local community.

As of 12/31/20, DeNA was not held in the Knowledge Leaders Strategy.


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