Investors looking for sings of an eventual return to normal from the coronavirus crisis have no shortage of signals to track. No list is exhaustive, but these data indicators - informed by traditional and big data, provide a helpful "dashboard" that paints a picture of where we stand on the road back. The text below the dashboard provides more detail on what the data is saying today.

How to Read the Dashboard

Our crisis dashboard includes signals from three areas: 1) public health, 2) the consumer sector and 3) financial markets. By pulling big data from traditional sources (earnings growth and gross domestic product, for example) and nontraditional sources (like Google Trends and Glassdoor), we can create a better mosaic of the road back. Public health, of course, is the key: until vaccines are broadly available, the cascading impact of the virus may continue.

The dashboard color codes (red, yellow or green) indicate the current state of each signal, while the arrows indicate the trend (improving, deteriorating or unchanged).