Germany’s second largest bank, Commerzbank, reported a fourth straight quarter of falling revenue and projected lower profit for the year, suggesting clients have been impacted by trade tensions.

Chief Executive Officer Martin Zielke describes the situation: “Despite all the successes we have made, challenges continue to increase for the industry and for us… This might require further investments. And this is exactly what we are examining and assessing in our current strategy process.”

Commerzbank said it still expects a “slight” increase in profit this year, but that goal “has become significantly more ambitious.”

Commerzbank is Germany’s second largest bank with $528 billion in assets. It has $494 billion in total debt leaving a slight $34 billion in equity, or a 6% equity cushion. The stock is down 98% from its $304/share high on 5/9/07, making a new all-time low today.

The country’s largest bank is Deutsche Bank, with $1.541 USD trillion in assets and $1.468 USD trillion in debt. That leaves an equity cushion of just $73 USD billion, or about 5% of assets. The stock peaked on May 23, 2007 at $123/share and is down 93% from its high.