Why Hedge Funds Are Betting on the Dollar

It was neigh on ten years ago, the world was just about half way through the ‘Great Recession’ and I was sending out a newsletter wondering how much lower the Dollar could plunge.

The Euro/USD pairing was touching 1.50 at one point.

How the times have changed!

Because here I’m wondering how much further the Dollar can rise. #Thedollarhaslegs

Yes, I know that Morgan Stanley and State Street Corp have put Wall St. on notice that the USdollar is about to plateau, and I’ve heard their reasoning as well; The Dollar has been on the rise since April, 2018, its gained more than 5% against the Euro, the price of Gold is at a two year low from a high of 1377 in July, 2016 to a low of 1,190 at the moment, the Euro zone data (and inflation) is due for a spurt, etc. etc.

The above view with small variations to the cause is endorsed by giants like JPMorgan Private Bank, and Wells Fargo & Co among others as well.

However to some the Greenback is seen to have the legs to go a few more rounds with the competition. From Sydney to Singapore, London to New York, more and more hedge fund managers are, pardon the pun, hedging their bets on the dollar.