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Thrift Shopping

The torrid rebound in the Consumer Discretionary sector calls for a selective response.

C Is For A Customized Client Experience: Looking At The Holistic Planning Services Advisors Now Provide

If there is one experience common to us all during the global pandemic, it is that the spread of COVID-19 around the world caused everyone—young or old, rich or poor, male or female—to reassess our priorities.

Biden's Neo-Populist Economic Doctrine

Within the space of just half a year, US President Joe Biden has completed a necessary economic-policy regime shift that started chaotically under his predecessor.

Is China’s Bear Market an Opportunity?

China’s stock market pullback this year has been in line with the average annual drawdown; historically, this volatility has tended to produce double-digit annualized gains.

China Stocks Meltdown – The Truth Be Told

Although the recent crash or meltdown of prominent China stocks was for the most part political in nature, valuation also played a role.

Income Strategy Update: Investing Amid Inflation Concerns and Lower Yields

With global growth rebounding amid uncertainties over inflation and COVID-19 variants, investors may want to consider a somewhat more cautious and flexible approach when seeking a consistent yield.

The Seeds of Stagflation

Last week, the government reported real GDP in the US grew at a 6.5% annual rate in the second quarter and was up 6.4% at an annual rate in the first half of 2021.

Technically Speaking: The Markets Next "Minsky Moment"

In this past weekend’s newsletter, I discussed the issue of the markets next “Minsky Moment.”

Auto Inventories: Pass the Chips

The automotive market is running lean.

A Strong 1H21, Moderation Seen in 2H21

Chief Economist Scott Brown discusses current economic conditions.

Is Your Target-Date Fund Providing Enough Inflation Protection?

Inflation has been on the rise recently, raising concerns about long-run inflation and its impact on the spending power of those who can least afford it—investors approaching or already in retirement.

Here’s Why the US May Have a Housing Boom for the Next 5 Years

The United States is just at the beginning of a housing boom that could last for the next five years.

The Metaverse: What Every Early-Stage Investor Needs to Know

You may not be familiar with the term metaverse, but if you’ve been a consumer of popular books, movies and video games over the past 30 years or so, you probably are aware of the concept.

Policy Errors Have Consequences

I am worried the Fed will either let inflation become psychologically entrenched, or wait too long to stop it and spark crisis with a too-hasty response, but there are other possibilities. None are especially good.

End of the Recovery and Reflation Trade?

The yield curve is a powerful indicator. More powerful than many others as May West reminds us. As the greatest reopening momentum now appears behind us, today, our All-Weather portfolio looks more all-weather than it did earlier in the year.