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Message from the Recent Bond Market Turmoil

The late-February spike in U.S. Treasury bond yields sent ripples throughout the global markets. As yields surged to the highest level in a year, stocks and commodities sold off sharply, while the dollar rallied.

As Retirement Income Needs Grow, DC Plan Sponsors Weigh Solutions

As more plan participants worry about retirement income security, demand for guaranteed income solutions is growing—and plan sponsors are pondering the options.

Coming Out of COVID-19: A Look at Interest Rates and Inflation in Europe

There is hope that economies will see a more sustainable and robust recovery this year, given unprecedented levels of monetary and fiscal stimulus and as more individuals are vaccinated against COVID-19. But one question for investors is what happens next—will inflation and higher interest rates be a consequence?

Are Inflation Fears Justified?

In the near term, markets should not be too worried about a possible spike in demand driving up inflation and interest rates, causing asset prices to fall across the board. But longer-term inflation risks are skewed much more to the upside than many investors and policymakers seem to realize.

The Global Economy Post COVID-19

"This pandemic has magnified every existing inequality in our society – like systemic racism, gender inequality, and poverty." Melinda Gates

Economic Commentary: Long-Term Growth, Tourism, Bankruptcies

How long will the effects of COVID be felt in potential growth, the tourism sector and bankruptcy filings?

Powell Changes The Rules On QE

The markets took a tumble to start this week as rising interest rates and inflationary pressures begin to weigh on outlooks. Those worries quickly diminished as Jerome Powell changed the rules to reassure Wall Street that “QE” is here to stay.

Government Bond Yields Have Surged, but Real Yields Are at Zero

Yields have jumped so much, in fact, that they’re giving stocks a serious run for their money. The 10-year yield is now higher than the S&P 500 dividend yield, which may have added to the selling pressure that cost stocks close to 2.5% yesterday.

The Great Jobs Reset

What normalcy will it be? I don’t expect to simply go back to the way things were. The economy as it was structured in December 2019 is gone forever. The world is different now. The economy will be different, too.

Treasury Auction Results Spark Drop in U.S. Stock Prices

Despite the recent weakness in equities, Raymond James CIO Larry Adam expects positive stock growth over the next 12 months.

NewsLetter - February 2021

We hope you enjoy Harold Evensky's latest NewsLetter.

The Queen’s Gambit Declined

The Queen’s Gambit miniseries helped propel Netflix to a winning earnings report last quarter, but in fact the chess strategy it is named after has helped propel chess players to winning games for decades.

What To Do Before The Tech Bubble Bursts

For the last year or two big tech has been hot, so has new tech. For prudence sake, it might be time to take a little money off the table. No one can time the market, and the bubble has risen far further and for a lot longer than any rational person could have predicted.

Can Mario Draghi Recharge Italy’s Economy?

Italy’s new prime minister, Mario Draghi, has a well-earned reputation for turning around difficult situations. But can he reverse Italy’s relative economic decline? And what does his program mean for Italian bond yields?

Inflation Is Coming for Your Wealth. Here's What Investors Can Do About It

Inflation is back on investors' minds lately, and some may be wondering how to position their portfolios to confront this potential new scourge.