The Target Date Funds Channel

Three Highlights from the MarketCounsel Summit

MarketCounsel’s Summit, held earlier this week in Miami, lived up to its reputation as the “all-star game” of financial advisor conferences, attracting top-level executives from throughout the investment industry. Here are three highlights from Tuesday’s sessions.

How the Holiday Spirit Can Generate More Clients

Let this “season of giving” inspire your marketing strategy in 2020. Being generous to your prospects is an extremely effective way to turn them into clients.

How to Get Your Clients Help with Medicare

Should you be comfortable referring your clients to CPAs or other professionals who also handle annuities, investments and insurance?

Challenging the Conventional Wisdom about Target Date Funds

Advisor Perspectives recently surveyed over 1,000 advisors to learn how they evaluate target-date funds. Bob Huebscher, its CEO, will present some of the key findings from that research, which showed that advisors are willing to accept a significant degree of risk in target-date allocations and have a preference for active management.

The team from Dimensional Fund Advisors will comment on those findings and present its own research on the appropriate role of target-date funds in client portfolios, and how advisors should properly assess the characteristics of those products.

In this webinar, you will learn:

  • What most advisors consider to be an appropriate risk exposure in target-date funds;
  • How to properly assess the glide path of a target-date fund;
  • How to consider target-date funds alongside existing client asset allocations; and
  • Best practices for discussing target-date funds with clients.

Financial Advisors and Retirement: The Decumulation Dilemma

Our Income to Outcome framework seeks to deliver a simpler, more intuitive approach to investing for retirement.

Safety-First Retirement Planning

It is important to understand the complex way insurance products work for retirement income. Here is a list of important questions to answer for the three major types of annuity products.

Forecasting the Future: Part 2

The primary purpose of this article on the importance of forecasting the future results of a business is offered to illustrate the conceptual validity of forecasting earnings (and every other metric) as the key to long-term investor success.

An Unexpected Way to Generate Leads

As a financial advisor turned digital-marketing consultant, I know how hard it is to get leads and new clients. That is why you’ll be surprised at this simple way to quickly generate more leads.

Five Lessons Packaged Target-Date Solutions Can Learn from Customization

As defined contribution (DC) plan sponsors know, the US Department of Labor recommends considering both packaged and custom target-date strategies when choosing a solution. As we see it, packaged solutions can learn a few things from fully customized target-date solutions, which are generally used by large and megasize plan sponsors.

Harmonizing DB and DC: Part two - Investments

Learn the potential benefits of a harmonized investment approach to your organization's DB and DC plans.

Evaluating Reverse Mortgages as Investments

It is useful to focus on the performance of reverse mortgage LOCs, as one would for any financial investment.

3 Ideas to Help You Achieve the Income You Need

Patrick Nolan offers his top tips to help your money deliver.

Does Your Target-Date Glide Path Suit Your Workforce?

Plan sponsors evaluating packaged and custom target-date solutions should take a close look at the demographics of their plan participants and how they stack up against those of a “typical” plan. It’s critical information when making a glide-path decision.

An Actuarial Process for Better Decisions in Retirement

Incorporating actuarial methodology and the popular floor-and-upside approach to financial planning, I show how advisors can help their retired (or soon-to-be retired) clients make better financial decisions.

Building Your Business with IRA Rollovers

Uncover new opportunities to expand your practice and help your clients navigate the do’s and don’ts of IRA rollovers in retirement planning.