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A Program for Boomers to Liberate Pre-Tax Assets

Baby Boomers are arriving at retirement with large accumulations that have not yet been exposed to federal income tax. I describe a program that synchronizes the distribution of pre-tax assets with availability of generationally-low tax rates, while keeping the dictates of Medicare, Social Security and the governing IRS tax code firmly in view.

Weighing the Week Ahead: All Eyes on Black Friday

The economic calendar is loaded with data and we have a holiday-shortened week. In some circumstances the many economic reports and the Washington stories would dominate. This week the market and economic context suggests a different theme.

Is It Time to Worry about Debt?

The economic calendar is normal with a focus on housing. Some will be parsing the Fed minutes while others watch the impeachment hearings. This week’s topic may not be a media focus for the week ahead, but it gets constant attention. With a government shutdown and the debt ceiling on the agenda, let’s seize the moment and ask: Is it time to worry about debt? I suspect that many readers believe it is way past time!

Weighing the Week Ahead: A Time for Investors to Act

The economic calendar is a light one in sharp contrast to last week’s. That was a good time to observe the market reaction to a wide range of news. Now is the time for investors to use the information.

Challenging the Conventional Wisdom about Target Date Funds

Advisor Perspectives recently surveyed over 1,000 advisors to learn how they evaluate target-date funds. Bob Huebscher, its CEO, will present some of the key findings from that research, which showed that advisors are willing to accept a significant degree of risk in target-date allocations and have a preference for active management.

The team from Dimensional Fund Advisors will comment on those findings and present its own research on the appropriate role of target-date funds in client portfolios, and how advisors should properly assess the characteristics of those products.

In this webinar, you will learn:

  • What most advisors consider to be an appropriate risk exposure in target-date funds;
  • How to properly assess the glide path of a target-date fund;
  • How to consider target-date funds alongside existing client asset allocations; and
  • Best practices for discussing target-date funds with clients.

If You’re Not Long, You’re Wrong

I remain bullish going forward despite signs that the world could be facing its worst economic slowdown since the financial crisis. The reason for my bullishness is simple: Bad news is good news.

Five Lessons Packaged Target-Date Solutions Can Learn from Customization

As defined contribution (DC) plan sponsors know, the US Department of Labor recommends considering both packaged and custom target-date strategies when choosing a solution. As we see it, packaged solutions can learn a few things from fully customized target-date solutions, which are generally used by large and megasize plan sponsors.

The Size Premium is Alive and Well

Is the lack of a size premium due to the performance of small-growth stocks in general? Or is it due to penny stocks, IPOs, stocks in financial distress and lottery-like small-growth stocks? Several recent studies answer those questions.

Harmonizing DB and DC: Part two - Investments

Learn the potential benefits of a harmonized investment approach to your organization's DB and DC plans.

Economics in the Time of Twitter

It has been a good year for U.S. investors. The global economic slowdown and geopolitical turmoil created a nearly irreversible thirst for super safe assets...

Choosing Better Investing Ingredients for a Turn in the Cycle

What sources of market returns can withstand late-cycle uncertainty? By identifying the right ingredients, we think investors can create an allocation with the potential to overcome new challenges and perform well over the long term.

The Five Most Common Misconceptions by Clients

Some clients are surprised at how I look at critical financial decisions. But when I reframe them from the conventional way of looking at those decisions, I can get clients to shift longstanding beliefs and make changes.

Black Hole Investing

At the economic event horizon, we all need to become black hole investors. Relying on past performance as the tectonic plates shift underneath us, as the central bank black holes begin to suck historical performance into their maws, we must look forward rather than backwards to design our portfolios.

Weighing the Week Ahead: Is it Time to Worry about Crowded Trades?

The economic calendar is normal with an emphasis on the consumer. Both PPI and CPI data will be reported, but little change is expected. Central bank fans will have to make do with the ECB Thursday announcement.

Does Your Target-Date Glide Path Suit Your Workforce?

Plan sponsors evaluating packaged and custom target-date solutions should take a close look at the demographics of their plan participants and how they stack up against those of a “typical” plan. It’s critical information when making a glide-path decision.