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Nicholas Burns on Healing the Political Divide

American history teaches that we can rise above our deep political divide, according to Nicholas Burns. The U.S. rose to independence based on the “power of ideas,” he said. Lincoln put the country together after a divide far deeper than what we face today, and FDR led the country to victory in its most difficult war. Those challenges were infinitely more difficult than what we face now, Burns said.

A Bit About Bob

Bob was at the Schwab IMPACT conference in San Diego last week. Here he is at our booth in front of the Big Picture chart of historical returns by asset class.

Greg Valliere: What the Last 48 Hours Means for Trump

News from the last 48 hours had a significant impact on the chances President Trump will be reelected, according to Greg Valliere. Moreover, although Valliere doesn’t expect the impeachment proceedings to end in Trump’s conviction, there are two scenarios that could change that outcome.

A Bit About Bob

Bob will be attending the Schwab IMPACT conference in San Diego this week. If you want to say hello, send him an email at

Nuveen: The Innovator in ESG/SRI Investing

Martin Kremenstein is senior managing director and head of retirement products and ETFs at Nuveen, a TIAA company. In this interview, he discusses the latest trends and innovations in ESG/SRI investing.

The Best Practices of Fast-Growing Advisory Firms

Lisa Salvi is a member of the Advisor Services leadership team and is responsible for Schwab’s Business Consulting and Education offer. In this interview, she discusses her research that identified the best practices of the fastest growing financial advisory firms.

Neil Hennessy: The Case for Japan and Energy Stocks

Neil J. Hennessy is portfolio manager and chief investment officer at Hennessy Funds, where he personally manages or co-manages six of the firm’s funds. In this interview, he discusses his outlook for the market and the economy, and why he thinks Japanese and energy stocks are exceptionally attractive.

JP Morgan: What Advisors Want from ETFs

Jillian DelSignore is head of ETF distribution for J.P. Morgan. In this interview, she discusses the overarching needs of financial advisors with respect to ETFs.

Charitable Giving Opportunities Under the New Tax Law

Kim Laughton is president of Schwab Charitable, a non-profit, donor-advised fund provider established with the support of Charles Schwab & Co., Inc. to make charitable giving simpler and more tax-efficient for clients. In this interview, she discusses how advisors and their clients can take advantages of the changes in the new tax law.

Weighing the Week Ahead: Storm Warnings

We have a normal economic calendar. Tuesday’s election will take center stage. Markets have less than expected interest in the election. Partly this reflects confidence in a split outcome, with no major policy changes.

Janet Yellen: I Don’t Understand Trump’s Trade Policies

A central focus of the Trump administration has been to reduce the U.S. trade deficit and to force our trading partners – mostly China – to eliminate what he claims to be unfair trade practices. Yet former Fed Chair Janet Yellen doesn’t understand what Trump is doing.

Niall Ferguson: The Destructive Power of Social Networks

The conventional wisdom promoted by the developers of social networks was that they would provide immense benefits to society through faster and broader connectivity. That view was shattered by Niall Ferguson, who called services like Facebook and Twitter “crazy ideas gone viral, with deeply negative implications.”

Guggenheim: Prepare for Recession in 2020

Brian Smedley is Senior Managing Director and Head of Macroeconomic and Investment Research at Guggenheim Partners. In this interview, he discusses his outlook for the economy and the capital markets, and how the economy is likely to run into a recession in the first half of 2020.

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The Emerging Trends in ESG/SRI Investing

Anthony Eames is a vice president of Eaton Vance Management and director of responsible investment strategy. In this interview, he discusses the emerging trends in ESG/SRI products and how advisors can better serve their clients with responsible investing solutions.

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Inside Litman Gregory’s High Income Alternatives Fund

Jeremy DeGroot, CFA, is a principal and the chief investment officer of Litman Gregory, a boutique wealth management firm based in the San Francisco Bay Area. In this interview, he discusses the Litman Gregory Masters High Income Alternatives Fund, which seeks to generate a high level of current income from diverse sources, consistent with the goal of capital preservation over time. It was launched on September 28, 2018.

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