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Advisors and Clients Walking past Each Other on Sustainable Investment

Did you know that more than $12 trillion in assets under management are engaged in one or more strategies of sustainable investment in the United States? This comprises more than 25 percent of the professional managed assets across the country and is a 38 percent growth from 2016 figures.

Inflationary Angst

We don’t have much time to get our house in order, either in the US or globally. Everything I’ve said today applies, to various degrees, throughout the developed world. Thinking that 2% inflation or zero interest rates coupled with massive deficits will somehow help is beyond wishful thinking.

Training the Investor Brain: Managing Emotions and Building Your Business

What can advisors do to be more transparent or communicate better?

Evolving Advisors Don’t Fear Change. They Embrace It.

Nearly every aspect of the advisory industry is undergoing some form of transformation today—spelling an opportunity for those advisors who are committed to continuously evolving their approach.

How to Get Your Clients Help with Medicare

Should you be comfortable referring your clients to CPAs or other professionals who also handle annuities, investments and insurance?

Advisor Investment Platforms on Cusp of Major Transformation

RIA investment platforms – specifically the vehicles and tools they use to manage client portfolios – are about to undergo the most profound change in a generation. With the race to zero for trading stocks, mutual funds are becoming outdated. Customized portfolios of individual stocks will be the winner.

Chinese Chess Game

When the US and ultimately the rest of the Western world began to engage China, resulting in China finally being allowed into the World Trade Organization in the early 2000s, no one really expected the outcomes we see today. There is no simple disengagement path, given the scope of economic and legal entanglements. This isn’t a “trade” we can simply walk away from. But it is also one that, if allowed to continue in its current form, could lead to a loss of personal freedom for Western civilization. It really is that much of an existential question.

How to Invest in a Low Growth World (Part 2 of 2)

The evidence is overwhelming that automation has positively impacted total factor productivity (TFP) for years, i.e. GDP growth continues to benefit from the digital revolution despite the fact GDP growth is rather pedestrian these years.

Does the Investment Performance of Robo Advisors Matter?

The conventional wisdom around digital advice platforms – what are commonly referred to as “robo advisors” – is that they will commoditize the investment process, and push traditional, human advisors to justify the value they add – and, hence, justify their fees – with services other than investment management. So far, however, the performance results of those platforms have been unimpressive. What do those results bode for the future of digital advice?

The Investing Mistake That Will Leave You Broke

In investing, tribalism is outright dangerous to your wealth. When you allow tribalism to impact your thinking, you lose the ability to think independently.

Why We Don’t Own Tesla Stock (and no, we’re not bears)

Neither my company nor I are long or short Tesla shares. Why don’t we own it?

Where the Davis Funds is Finding Great Opportunities

Chris Davis is chairman of Davis Advisors, a firm founded by his father that has followed the same value-investing discipline for its 50-year history. In this interview, Chris discusses the exceptional opportunities he is finding among the financial stocks, how financial advisors can add the greatest value and the biggest changes he has seen over his career.

This Is Not a Printing Press

Early last week, the Chairman announced a new, as yet unnamed, Fed program through which the bank will now buy regular amounts of short-term U.S. government debt. Seeking to counter the rumblings that a new form of quantitative easing would be seen as an admission that the economy may be in trouble...

Market Review Q319: The Bursting Bubble of BS

Several rumblings in the quarter raised concerns about an imminent market crash. Another distinctive possibility is that the bubble of "airy promises" and overly optimistic growth expectations is bursting.

A Top Bond Manager Explains His Bottom-up Approach

Lon Erickson, CFA, is a portfolio manager and managing director for Thornburg Investment Management and oversees five of its fixed income mutual funds. Erickson says that rates could be as low as 1.1% in the next year, and he explains why a collaborative, bottom-up construction process will benefit advisors and their clients.