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Three Highlights from the MarketCounsel Summit

MarketCounsel’s Summit, held earlier this week in Miami, lived up to its reputation as the “all-star game” of financial advisor conferences, attracting top-level executives from throughout the investment industry. Here are three highlights from Tuesday’s sessions.

Identifying and Avoiding Conflicts of Interest

MarketCounsel is known as the “adviser’s advisor.” It is the leading business and regulatory compliance consulting firm to the country’s preeminent entrepreneurial investment advisors. It delivers comprehensive, regulatory compliance solutions. It works with startup investment advisors through its RIA Incubator program, and it offers outsourced compliance department capabilities through its RIA Institute.

All Asset All Access, December 2019

Research Affiliates discusses why they believe value investing is still alive and well and explains how changes to the display of expense ratios seek to enhance clarity for investors.

The Best Content to Drive Engagement

Where can I find the best content to drive engagement? I’m not looking to provide market commentary. It would be great if I could customize it with our brand but not have to rewrite any of the content.

Emerging Markets Record Diverse Performances in November

It was a mixed month for emerging markets in November, as shifting expectations about a trade deal between China and the United States continued to drive market sentiment. Our emerging markets equity team explains why US-China trade issues may not be that big of a concern for some emerging markets, and provides an overview of the news and events shaping markets during the month.

Will Outsourcing Improve Profit Margins?

I’m not interested in letting most of my staff go. But I am also not up for adding to staff and therefore expenses.

Quiet Your Ego

If your ego is too loud, it stops you from reaching your goals and having a happier, more fulfilling life.

College Planning: Is the ROI in the College or the Major?

Over the course of 20+ years, families have been bamboozled into spending trillions on top-end colleges, while overlooking the fact that it's actually the academic major that is far more important.

A Primer on Retirement Plan Compliance

The purpose of this article is to better acquaint plan sponsors and service providers, like BDs and RIAs, dealing with 401(k) plans with the requirements they must understand and adhere to under ERISA.

How Financial Planning Can Become a True Profession

There are many prerequisites to becoming a true profession. Have we satisfied those requirements? And if so – do we desire to take the next step – seeking true status as a profession through legislation?

What Advisors Don’t Understand About Prospects

Few of us realize the anxiety-ridden mindset that drives prospects to seek a financial advisor. If they did, they would structure their initial meetings very differently.

My Advisors Have “Gone Rogue”

I have a team of five who do analysis, trading and help craft investment strategy for the firm. But a couple of our advisors insist on implementing their own investment philosophies.

The Latest Look at the Total Return Roller Coaster

Here's an interesting set of charts that will especially resonate with those of us who follow economic and market cycles. Imagine that five years ago you invested $10,000 in the S&P 500. How much would it be worth today, with dividends reinvested but adjusted for inflation? The purchasing power of your investment has increased to $15,604 for an annualized real return of 8.93%.

Five Reasons to Add Auto-Webinars to Your Marketing Mix

The big myth with webinars is that your audience cares whether it is live.

Equities Gained Ground Globally in November

The S&P 500 is up more than 25% year to date and has notched 26 record highs since January.