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How The "SECURE Act" Will Affect Americans' Retirement

1. Overview – What is the “SECURE Act”? 2. The Retirement Savings Crisis in America 3. One Potentially Serious Knock on the SECURE Act 4. SECURE Act is Currently Tangled Up in the Senate

Is It Time to Worry about Debt?

The economic calendar is normal with a focus on housing. Some will be parsing the Fed minutes while others watch the impeachment hearings. This week’s topic may not be a media focus for the week ahead, but it gets constant attention. With a government shutdown and the debt ceiling on the agenda, let’s seize the moment and ask: Is it time to worry about debt? I suspect that many readers believe it is way past time!

How to Get Your Clients Help with Medicare

Should you be comfortable referring your clients to CPAs or other professionals who also handle annuities, investments and insurance?

Safety-First Retirement Planning

It is important to understand the complex way insurance products work for retirement income. Here is a list of important questions to answer for the three major types of annuity products.

3 Ideas to Help You Achieve the Income You Need

Patrick Nolan offers his top tips to help your money deliver.

The Five Most Common Misconceptions by Clients

Some clients are surprised at how I look at critical financial decisions. But when I reframe them from the conventional way of looking at those decisions, I can get clients to shift longstanding beliefs and make changes.

Weighing the Week Ahead: Is Falling Confidence a Threat to Markets?

The economic calendar is more important than usual. There is an emphasis on housing data as well as reports on leading indicators, industrial production, and regional Fed surveys. The most important story of the week will be the Fed’s Wednesday rate decision.

Selecting Insurers for Lifetime Income: Help Is on the Way

When it comes to implementing a secure lifetime income solution for a defined contribution (DC) plan, sponsors may balk at the task of evaluating insurers and different types of retirement income options. But fiduciary help is already available, with additional services and innovations on the way.

Weighing the Week Ahead: Is it Time to Worry about Crowded Trades?

The economic calendar is normal with an emphasis on the consumer. Both PPI and CPI data will be reported, but little change is expected. Central bank fans will have to make do with the ECB Thursday announcement.

Does Your Target-Date Glide Path Suit Your Workforce?

Plan sponsors evaluating packaged and custom target-date solutions should take a close look at the demographics of their plan participants and how they stack up against those of a “typical” plan. It’s critical information when making a glide-path decision.

An Actuarial Process for Better Decisions in Retirement

Incorporating actuarial methodology and the popular floor-and-upside approach to financial planning, I show how advisors can help their retired (or soon-to-be retired) clients make better financial decisions.

8-Reasons To Hold Some Extra Cash

With the political, fundamental, and economic backdrop becoming much more hostile toward investors in the intermediate term, understanding the value of cash as a “hedge” against loss becomes much more important.

Annuities Do Not Belong In 401(k) Plans

Annuities have no place being owned by an IRA or, as the SECURE Act would allow, a 401(k) plan.

A Financial Planning Nightmare

The most thoughtful and comprehensive financial plans will be derailed by an extreme, but unfortunately common event…

What History Tells Us About Venture Capital Investing

For long periods in the past, the best VC firms had spectacular returns, as their outside investors or “limited partners” participated in the emergence of great companies such as Intel, Microsoft, Apple, and Amazon. But, going forward, can VC investors expect the same returns? Or are we in a new era of lower returns and a more challenging environment?