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Matthews Asia - Opportunities in Emerging Markets

The emerging markets (“EM”) equity asset class has evolved considerably over the past decade such that many active EM equity managers may find it challenging to create long-term alpha over the benchmark. Countries such as China and India are moving to the fore, historical drivers of growth are changing and technology, innovation and health care are becoming a larger part of the opportunity set. It has been difficult for EM investment teams to keep up with these changes. My guest today, David Dali, wrote those words in a recent commentary, and we discuss how he and his team are positioning to adapt to that changing landscape.

Expecting a Market Downturn? Make Sure You’re Following the “Noah Rule”

Predicting a major economic or financial event—whether that’s a recession, market downturn or even your own retirement—requires that you also take action. Otherwise your prediction was meaningless.

Troubled Times Can Give Birth to Opportunity

Asia goes into the global deceleration with already-lean companies and a valuation advantage.

Changing Speeds?

A review of last month’s market-moving events across countries and asset classes.

Emerging Markets Record Diverse Performances in November

It was a mixed month for emerging markets in November, as shifting expectations about a trade deal between China and the United States continued to drive market sentiment. Our emerging markets equity team explains why US-China trade issues may not be that big of a concern for some emerging markets, and provides an overview of the news and events shaping markets during the month.

How Real Assets Hedge Against Stocks and Bonds

One way to address market volatility is through real assets – natural resources, infrastructure, and real estate. Those tend to have low correlations with traditional stock and bond allocations. I am speaking today with Michael Natale, who explains why an allocation to real assets can hedge against the risks in stocks and bonds.

Do Long-Only Portfolios Effectively Capture Factor Returns?

Factor performance, as conceived by Fama and French and refined by others, is based on adding the returns of a “long” portfolio of securities that most embody the factors to a “short” portfolio that least represent the factors. But it is common practice for mutual funds and ETFs to use only the long portfolio. New research show that this approach does effectively capture the returns of the underlying factors.

Supercharge Your Gold Position With Precious Metal Royalty Companies

One of the best ways to “supercharge” your gold position is with precious metal royalty and streaming companies. Think Franco-Nevada, Wheaton Precious Metals, Royal Gold and others.

What's Next for China A-Shares Inclusion in MSCI Indices

Improvements in accessibility are expected to accelerate further inclusion in the near term.

Equities Gained Ground Globally in November

The S&P 500 is up more than 25% year to date and has notched 26 record highs since January.

SMA Vehicles Facilitate New Retail Investment Opportunities in Emerging Markets Poised for Growth

With many investors seeking to diversify their equity exposure as the U.S. bull market charges into its historic 10th year, asset managers are now providing innovative and cost-effective SMA offerings that provide US investors access to the full breadth of the emerging market universe; a feature not previously available.

A Future Embedded in the Present

We have reached a stage in the cycle where you need to think out of the box in order to deliver respectable returns. Investing like most of us have done in the great bull market will not deliver returns anywhere near the levels we have enjoyed over the past 35-40 years. This month’s Absolute Return Letter offers a solution.

Investing in an Economic Downturn

Yes, there is a downturn in the Global economy, numerous factors are combining together in what seems like a perfect storm of negativity to depress the global economy and quell even the hardiest of investors from any attempts at risk taking. Nothing could, or may I say should, be farther from the truth.

Need-to-Know Numbers You Might Have Missed This Week

As Thanksgiving comes to an end, and the busy holiday shopping season begins, here are some need-to-know numbers you may have missed from this past week.

Quick Takes

From freight volume to flight delays and real estate to recession risk, we share quick thoughts on a variety of economic subjects.