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Advisors and Clients Walking past Each Other on Sustainable Investment

Did you know that more than $12 trillion in assets under management are engaged in one or more strategies of sustainable investment in the United States? This comprises more than 25 percent of the professional managed assets across the country and is a 38 percent growth from 2016 figures.

Weekly Unemployment Claims: Up 49K from Last Week, Much Worse Than Forecast

This morning's seasonally adjusted 252K new claims, up 49K from the previous week's unrevised figure, was much worse than the forecast of 213K.

College Planning: Is the ROI in the College or the Major?

Over the course of 20+ years, families have been bamboozled into spending trillions on top-end colleges, while overlooking the fact that it's actually the academic major that is far more important.

A Primer on Retirement Plan Compliance

The purpose of this article is to better acquaint plan sponsors and service providers, like BDs and RIAs, dealing with 401(k) plans with the requirements they must understand and adhere to under ERISA.

The CFP Board Steps Up (Almost)

As we mark the golden anniversary of the creation the undertaking we know call “financial planning,” the CFP Board took a decisive step to enforce a real fiduciary standard by requiring disclosure and informed customer consent of material conflicts.

The Impact of FINRA’s Ruling on Advisors as Trustees

FINRA’s proposed rule 3241 seeks to mitigate conflicts of interest that may arise when an advisor assumes certain types of fiduciary obligations for a client. It places addition scrutiny in cases where an advisor serves as the trustee or beneficiary for a client.

The Ratio of Part-Time Employed: November 2019

Let's take a closer look at Friday's employment report numbers on Full and Part-Time Employment.

How Financial Planning Can Become a True Profession

There are many prerequisites to becoming a true profession. Have we satisfied those requirements? And if so – do we desire to take the next step – seeking true status as a profession through legislation?

Diversity and Inclusion in the Advisory Profession

According to a recent report by the consulting firm Cerulli and Associates, women make up only 16% of financial advisors – and that percentage is fairly consistent across all channels – brokers, banks and independent RIAs. Sheryl Garrett and I explore the issues around diversity and inclusion in the advisory profession. Why are there so few women and minorities in our profession? With an aging population of advisors due to retire in the next decade or two, what will the next generation of leadership among advisors look like? And what can be done to provide better career path options for women and minorities?

5 Factors for Healthcare Organizations to Consider When Choosing an Ocio Provider

As the clock ticks toward 2020, the overall economic picture remains muddled. Ongoing trade tensions and slumping global growth have cast a cloud of uncertainty over the globe, and forward-looking return expectations continue to look less than impressive.

Five Big Ideas to Gain an Unfair Competitive Advantage in 2020

Let’s look here for a handful of unfair advantages to gain over the competition in 2020. These are things that are not hard to implement, which will help you become more efficient, gain new clients or stand out from your peers.

A Major Insurer Exposes the Weakness in the CFP Board’s Standards

The CFP Board had noble intentions with its new standards that became effective last month. However, its handling of conflicts falls so short that absent significant new guidance the credibility of the standards is in serious doubt. This is clear from the recent publication of a major insurer’s eye-opening disclosure intended to address conflicts.

Introducing the One-Page Website. Cut!

I would derive such immense pleasure from lighting a match to the website of every single advisor in this profession and watching it burn down to the ground.

Climbing the ESG Learning Curve in Emerging Markets

ESG integration is best used as a tool to improve portfolio returns and/or reduce risk. While usually thought of as a company-level concern, material ESG data can be very useful at the country level as well, especially in emerging markets. ESG signals are only as good as the quality of their inputs.

Evaluating the Performance of ESG Funds

An ESG mandate fulfills the noble goal of aligning investors’ portfolios with their personal values and beliefs. But new research affirms what financial theory predicts: Those investors will incur a penalty in terms of risk-adjusted performance.