The Four Pillars of a Successful Advisor Move

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As a financial advisor, you take pride in offering advice that moves your clients closer to what matters most. But when it comes to assessing your own business aspirations, advisors often find themselves adrift. Part of the dissonance is the fact than many advisors have not paused long enough to think through what it is they want for themselves.

Consider this analogy.

When you first meet with a brand-new client, you do not charge straight into allocating their assets and drafting a financial plan. Instead, you guide them through a conversation designed to identify their goals. With those desired outcomes, you implement a strategy that gives them the best chance of achieving their goals. This approach works.

Would it ever make sense to start a conversation about selling or leaving your firm with anything other than your goals? Of course not.

And yet, all too many advisors get on the road to M&A without having checked that important box.

With M&A activity on the rise and advisors in motion across the country, you might be contemplating your next move. I have had countless conversations with advisors. Those who begin with clarity on their goals find themselves most satisfied after the transition. Those who make their decisions based solely on instinct (or the size of the check) end up with regrets that far outweigh any possible upside.