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You fear throwing things away because you might need them someday. You end up keeping things (and tripping over them for the next 10 years). You have a sentimental attachment to certain items because there are memories (more guilt).

I get it.

If you are happy with the clutter (or lack thereof) in your life, I am truly happy for you. If you are not, make a choice. You either want your space or you want your stuff. But you can't have both. It's just not possible.

You may have noticed during the pandemic just how much "stuff" you have in your life. It's as if there is a huge spotlight on all the debris, especially working from home and living 24/7 with the people you used to count on separating from every day. If you're lucky enough to find those two sentences false, stop reading right here.

If not, proceed.

My financial advisor coaching clients have been suffering from clutter overload, some to the point of reverting to the tiniest space in their home office just to get away from the overwhelm.

My client, Dianne, has been working from home since March 2020 and was tolerating the clutter until her mom had hip replacement surgery and had to come to her house to recover. She started to see the clutter through her mom's eyes and had to clean it up. We worked out an organizing/decluttering plan via Zoom (yep, virtual organizing is a thing) and she went to work between our calls. Mom was impressed and Dianne was feeling free of clutter and stuff!