Five Things Hollywood Knows About Blockbuster Webinars

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Many advisors think that creating a blockbuster webinar is as easy putting up a registration page and turning on a webcam.

This is not how a blockbuster webinar is created.

What can advisors “creatively steal” from the folks in Hollywood to multiply their viewers, atract ideal prospects and generate fees from their webinars and on-demand videos?

Here are five things Hollywood knows about blockbuster webinars that advisors don’t.

  1. Stop staring at PowerPoint Charts. A great movie starts with a compelling script

If you are like many others, you sit in front of a blank PowerPoint slide waiting for inspiration. Or you look at charts or slides that others have created and try to cobble together a webinar.

The first phase of movie production is development. In this phase, the movie script is created.

What does Hollywood know about storytelling to help you create blockbuster webinars?

A compelling narrative or story is what keeps audiences glued to the screen. Think of your script. It drives the story and the story drives visuals.