Should My Firm “Showcase” Its Female Partners?

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Dear Bev,

I am one of five partners at an advisory firm and the only female. We have support staff who are women, but in terms of advisors, it is only me. I get paraded out whenever there are important prospects or firm-wide client events.

I get tired of being the token person. I understand the firm is trying to show its commitment to diversity, but to be asked to participate in things largely because I am a woman gets old.

I’m not a limelight person. I don’t enjoy public events. I prefer meeting one-on-one with clients. I realize this is part of the PR I have to do, but is there a gracious way to let my partners know this gets irritating?

I’m concerned if I say something, because they are men and they will have no clue what I am talking about, and it will reflect negatively on me. Do I keep my mouth closed and ignore it, or do I take a chance they will actually “hear” me and respect my view?