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You’re sitting at your desk eating your lunch, checking your email, finalizing your quarterly market analysis, texting your mom about her doctor’s appointment, solving a math problem with your daughter, and listening to a webinar on the impact of the new tax laws.

Busy, Busy, Busy. You throw around the b-word as if it's a badge of honor.

News flash: According to Verywell Mind, being busy and multitasking causes you to lose up to 40% of your productivity. And you thought you were being efficient!

You’re not.

You think you're great at multitasking because you do it everywhere all the time. How else would you get things done? How many tasks or projects can you juggle at one time? How many people can you give attention to at the same time? Multitasking has become an epidemic and it’s not good for you or your practice.

It’s a massive barrier to accomplishing what you want in your day.

My financial advisor clients try to tell me that they are extremely productive because they can multitask. However, they fail to realize that they are paying a big mental price. Being busy does not equate to being effective or productive. In fact, everything becomes a distraction because the brain has been trained to jump from one thing to another constantly. There is no priority on what you jump to next.

You can accomplish more by doing less.