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The assumption that will kill your conversion rate is this:

If I don’t tell, they won’t ask.

An example

A coaching client called me to report on his first effort to implement The Solin Process. He was very enthused and told me “it went great.”

When I asked for details, he told me he had a “wonderful conversation” with a recently widowed woman. She had retired from an executive position with a large manufacturing company. They talked about her late husband and what a difficult adjustment his passing meant for her. He made no effort to steer the conversation in any direction, as we had discussed.

As the hour was drawing to a close, he then discussed “briefly” his background, expertise, investment philosophy and fees. He closed the meeting exactly as we had discussed by asking: “How would you like to proceed?”

I asked him what he thought the odds were of converting her to a client. He felt there was a “90% probability.” I gave it only 50/50.

She not only didn’t convert, but she didn’t respond to any of his follow-up messages.

I know why.

A fatal assumption

My client assumed it was necessary for him to make a presentation, albeit a truncated one.

I asked him this question: “What would have happened if you never spoke about yourself or your services. Instead, you asked her this question: Is there anything else you want to discuss?”