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Dear Bev,

How do we help our clients who are working parents (especially the working mothers) de-stress and manage their time better? You’ve written about putting one’s cute kids on camera and we’re very acceptable of most anything our advisors need to do in order to feel supported in these strange times when it comes to internal meetings.

However, it is starting to seep into client meetings and scheduling. A couple of our female advisors, who had no problem meeting for dinner or after hours in regular times, are balking at evening online meetings.

Many of our clients are older and they no longer have little kids running around. They are irritated at the unavailability of our advisors. I’ve received a couple of complaints via email about this.

It is an awkward position for me, as a male leader of the firm, because I respect how much pressure is on these younger female advisors and they are excellent at what they do. But I cannot have clients complaining that we’re not being attentive to them. I can’t switch advisors; that wouldn’t be fair to anyone.

What are firms doing to support their staff’s need to deal with family issues and still support their clients’ needs for flexibility and attention on their terms?