Virtual Ideas to Replace Client Appreciation Events

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Dear Bev,

What activities should we consider this year to replace the normal in-person dinners and client events we have always done? We sat out last year waiting and hoping the year would be an anomaly and we’d be back to something looking like normal. Unfortunately, our clients are not comfortable in person and I don’t think we’d get them to bring prospects or “strangers” with them.


Dear D.B.,

While there are some signs the clouds are clearing, with the mass distribution of vaccines, there is still a great deal of trepidation on the part of advisors and their clients to get back to full in-person activities. That said, I am hearing from many of my clients they are doing much smaller get togethers. In place of the large client appreciation event, it could be small bagel and coffee meetings with just a couple of clients, or dinner outside on a patio or another outdoor venue. Of course, this is weather permitting and could work well for advisors in Florida, while not for those in Boston or NY!