Beverly Flaxington is a practice management consultant. She answers questions from advisors facing human resource issues. To submit yours, email us here.

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Dear Bev,

We had a stellar year last year. Once the numbers are fully compiled, it could be the best we’ve ever had. We have celebrated and congratulated our team.

We need to look forward – what do we do to improve? How do we get advisors to sell most effectively? They have little incentive to do so, but as the leader of the firm I’m not satisfied to say we stop here.


Dear T.I.,

Congratulations to you and your team. Your question is multi-pronged in that it often isn’t about “incentives” the advisors might have. But rather it is the culture you have developed and the training you’ve given them to help them continue to find opportunities and grow their businesses.

Often when advisors think they are satisfied with where they are in terms of numbers of clients you also could be facing a time-effectiveness issue. For example, with a great year comes a lot of onboarding and integration of new clients. How much of this falls on the advisor will often determine how overwhelmed they feel and how distracted they are away from finding new opportunities. They want to get these new relationships up and running and satisfied.