As is our custom, we conclude the year by reflecting on the 10 most-read investment and planning articles over the past 12 months. Tomorrow, we will highlight the 10 most-read practice management articles.

In decreasing order, based on the number of unique readers, those are:

  1. Jeremy Grantham: The Market Bubble Will Burst in Weeks or Months

by Robert Huebscher, 10/22/20

Jeremy Grantham has made a science of studying asset bubbles, correctly predicting the path of the Japanese, dot-com and housing overvaluations. Today’s bubble in U.S. equities is unlike any other, he says, but it will burst in months, if not weeks.

  1. Gundlach – U.S. Stocks Have Not Bottomed

by Robert Huebscher, 4/1/20

From its all-time high on February 19, the S&P 500 hit a bottom of 2,237 on March 23. But it will go lower this year, according to Jeffrey Gundlach, and only then will he buy stocks.

  1. Should You Buy a Medicare Plan from Joe Namath?

by Joanne Giardini-Russell, 4/1/20

It was big news last fall when Joe Namath was on the airwaves promoting his “excellent, free” Medicare plan. Here’s what to tell your clients when they ask about it.

  1. David Rosenberg Says the Bulls Are in Fantasyland

by Dorothy Hinchcliff, 5/12/20

David Rosenberg bluntly told attendees Monday at John Mauldin’s Virtual Strategic Investment Conference 2020 that the stock rallies in recent weeks ignore reality and don’t recognize that the United States is likely entering a depression, facing double-digit unemployment for at least three years, secular changes in consumer spending and saving, and deflation followed by stagflation.

  1. The Seven Cases to do a Roth Conversion

by Allan Roth, 9/14/20

Should your clients convert some of their traditional tax-deferred money (e.g. IRA or 401K) to an after-tax Roth account? There are some myths that are just plain wrong. Here are the seven situations to consider when advising on this issue.

  1. The Remarkable Accuracy of CAPE as a Predictor of Returns

by Michael Finke, 7/20/20

Care to guess how well the monthly CAPE predicted future 10-year returns between January 1995 and May 2020?

  1. Bob Rodriguez: We are in a Rolling Depression

by Robert Huebscher, 9/7/20

The legendary fund manager, Bob Rodriguez, doesn’t like either stocks or bonds, but he explains the particular strategy he is pursuing for buying hard assets.

  1. The Stock Market in Nine Scary Pictures

by Ronald Surz, 12/5/20

Greed is driving the U.S. stock market to new highs. Fear will replace greed. I provide nine reasons to be fearful.

  1. Gary Shilling: Stocks May Start Sliding About 7 Weeks From Now

by Gary Shilling, 8/4/20

The recent Treasury bond rally fits with our forecast that the recession has a second, more serious leg that will extend well into 2021, despite massive monetary and fiscal stimulus.

  1. The 2020 Survey of the Top 50 Hedge Funds

by Eric Uhlfelder, 7/13/20

The value of this year’s annual hedge fund performance survey was turned on its head when a pandemic shut down the global economy and sent securities plummeting. But a deeper look at consistently performing funds revealed managers that as a group have largely been able to weather the storm better than the market and their peers.

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