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Dear Bev,

A consultant worked with us on a strategic initiative. His style was very divisive. He would talk with one of us, then share a different viewpoint behind that person’s back. He would brainstorm and get ideas and then share them as if they were his own. Our firm is 31 people and his style created such a disruption that by the time he left, about 20 of us were mad or not speaking to one another.

There is a lingering frustration that our senior partner was unwilling to take a stand and fire this consultant. He kept making excuses for him. He kept telling us that we were overreacting.

Finally the consultant made the mistake of involving the senior partner in his shenanigans and then our leader finally made the move and fired the guy.

How do we deal with our annoyance that, until our leader was impacted, nothing was done? I know many people are still stinging from the damage and I fear our firm will suffer with our inability to move forward into 2021 and work together collaboratively.