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For some of my clients, retirement has not been what they imagined or hoped it would be; particularly for a generation of men who didn’t come to terms with the loss of their career identity or finding new and appealing ways to stay active. For certain couples, like Larry and Marilyn, spending more time together than ever heightened the disparities in their marriage.

Larry and Marilyn have been married 65 years and relocated to south Florida from the northeast 15 years ago to retire, enjoy the warm weather and what they perceived as an easier way of life. Prior to retirement, Larry built a successful business over many years and the couple and their children enjoyed many advantages as a result. They could afford to retire very comfortably. Larry began to imagine all the activities he would partake in now that he would have the time but had never participated in throughout his work life. The marriage had its ups and downs over the years. But like many couples, they had children together and an active social life.

As long as Larry continued to work outside the home, they continued to manage.