A Five-Step Plan to Overcome Objections and Inspire Action

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As an advisor, you are as impactful as your ability to influence your clients and prospects.

Objections, despite their negative nature, actually provide valuable insights to resolve issues delaying a decision and action.

The ability to help someone overcome an objection is a powerful skill. It influences outcomes such as converting a prospect to client or getting a client to take (or not take) a step such as getting a will or not selling when the markets get scary.

Luckily, overcoming objections is a skill anyone can develop.

Every decision requires a weighing of options, benefits and costs (or risks). We act with ease when the benefits outweigh the costs or when the risks are low.

An objection happens when:

  • The perceived cost (or risks) outweigh the benefit;
  • It’s not easy to quantify the benefits;
  • The benefits occur too far in the future so we lack the motivation to take action today; or
  • We are uncomfortable with the next step.

An objection needs to be resolved before further action can be taken.