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Dear Readers:

This week I have received questions such as:

  1. How do I respond effectively to clients when I am having to work all night long to catch up because my twins are in “virtual kindergarten” and I have to help them most of the day with school?
  1. My firm has insisted we return to work – there are two advisors who are mothers and two who are fathers with stay-at-home spouses. I am a working single mom. My daughter, who is 10, had a crisis when I wasn’t there. I can’t get over the guilt, but I can’t say “no” to my boss because I have worked hard to build my client relationships. I need this job.
  1. Everyone on our team calls seem stressed and anxious to get off the call. How do we keep communication open and continue to bond when we can’t keep people’s attention?
  2. I just don’t want to go “on camera” anymore. Our firm requires it and I’m sick of watching my colleagues read their texts. Why should I care if no one else cares?