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As a financial advisor, do you provide exceptional service?

If you pride yourself in your service, I challenge you to answer this question, “What does great service mean to you?”

Literally, think about a client and write down what that client should expect from you each year. What will you deliver, how and when will you deliver it? How do you want the client to feel? What do you want the client to do? How will you know how you’re doing?

Most people think about a service model as how often they check in with someone and deliver an update on their portfolio. But a service model is an essential part of your sales process, specifically in delivering a great first impression. But also includes the onboarding and ongoing client experience.

Once someone is a client the goal is to move them to advocate. Moving from client, to loyal client to advocate requires trust and belief in your ability to consistently deliver value based on their experiences and outcomes.

Investment outcomes may be outside of your control.

But the client experience is not.