Who Are You Becoming?

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Who you are is not who you were last year and certainly not who you were five, 10 or 20 years ago. Since then you’ve evolved. It’s easy to look backwards to see the growth and changes in mindset and actions. Maybe that growth was intentional, maybe not.

Instead of looking backwards, look forward.

Every day we make choices, conscious and subconscious, in support of our future selves. Your actions, thoughts, decisions and goals are shaping who you are becoming.

A common block I see in business growth is incongruence. What people say they want is not what they actually want (or believe is possible).

We focus on the “doing.” We have goals, plans, strategies and tactics, all of which are important external components of growth. Less often, we focus on the internal components of growth – our dreams and values.

Yet, dreams are jet fuel for action.